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Active Bright As Seen On TV By Spark Innovators | As Seen On TV

Active Bright By Spark Innovators activated Coconut Charcoal Powder is perfect for anybody looking for natural teeth whitening and stain removal. Not only will it clean and polish your teeth but it will strengthen your enamel. Activated coconut charcoal traps toxins and chemicals giving you a healthy and natural smile! Active Bright works on every type of stain and it's safe to use every day. See results the first time you use it!

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Atomic Lighter by BulbHead, The Rechargeable Electric Lighter That’s Windproof, USB Chargeable

Using matches can be a pain - they break and you get burned. Disposable lighters run out of fuel and never stay lit when you need it the most. Atomic Lighter™ is the fuel-free rechargeable lighter that works anytime, anywhere. The Atomic Lighter™ uses Plasma Arc Tactical Technology that creates fire fast without gas or butane. Just press the button and it lights the first time, every time. It's rechargeable by USB. so it's always ready to go and you get over 100 lights on a single charge. Atomic Lighter™ is the best lighter whether you're lighting birthday candles or cleaning the end of a rope. If you need fire, you need Atomic Lighter™! There's no flint, so even if it gets wet it still lights - it even works in the windiest of rainstorms. Atomic Lighter™ is perfect for BBQs, bonfires, and backyard fireworks. It's a must have to include in your survival kit! Unlike rinky dinky ordinary lighters that blow out with a whisper, Atomic Lighter™ won't let you down! It's Atomic Tough and built to last.

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Hurricane Spin Scrubber | Includes 3 Scrubbing Heads and Charger | As Seen On TV

Hurricane Spin Scrubber, with built-in rechargeable batteries, rotates 300 times per minute; it’s incredible torque scrubs away calcium, soap, and hard water stains with ease.

The Hurricane Spin Scrubber is tough enough for both indoor and outdoor use.

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California Car Insurance

Discover how to purchase the finest California auto insurance plan for your individual circumstance, what the average auto insurance prices are for your locality and just how California state traffic and insurance laws operate.

Unlike almost all other nations, in California your credit rating is not permitted to be factored in to your vehicle insurance policy rate, and in which you reside is believed, but not given as much weight as in other nations. California insurance firms primarily factor on your age, your driving record and the number of miles you drive when determining just how much you pay. However, every business uses its own way of assessing risk. That is why the price for the identical coverage may vary considerably among insurance firms -- and the reason you need to compare prices. By way of instance, at Los Angeles ZIP code 90029, the maximum rate among six carriers ($3,450) is over two times as far ($2,014 longer) as the cheapest ($1,436).

California laws insist that you just carry minimum liability coverage limitations of 15/30/5 on your car or truck. While purchasing only minimum coverage means you're getting the cheapest auto insurance in California, you're only insured for damage you're doing to other motorists' cars and also for many others' injuries. Meaning your insurance company won't cover damage to your vehicle or to your injuries if you cause an crash.

Bear in mind that a little injury may easily exceed minimal liability policy limitations, which makes you in a position to pay for damages not covered by insurance. As an instance, if you've got $30,000 in physical injury liability insurance and you cause an accident that costs $50,000, then you need to pay $20,000 out-of-pocket. If you do not have enough money available, your resources might be required to pay for the costs. California also has among the lowest property damage liability limitations in the nation at only $5,000. Should you hit a vehicle and it costs over $5,000 to repair it, you are on the hook for the remaining portion of the

If you would like more protection, then it is going to be more expensive, but as you'll notice from the graph below, added coverage is typically reasonably priced. Boosting coverage in the state minimum to greater liability limitations prices $101 annually or roughly $9 per month. Hiking your coverage to complete coverage with a $500 deductible expenses, normally, $1,027 longer, or $86 per month.

*The table shows the average yearly rate of just about any ZIP code in California from around six big insurance companies. Rates are for a man motorist, age 40, with a fresh record and great credit to get a 2016 Honda Accord.

Recommended auto insurance policy
When determining how much automobile insurance to buy, you have to evaluate your specific circumstance. To drive legally, you need to buy at least the minimum liability insurance required by your condition. If you did not borrow money from a lender to purchase your vehicle and you do not have a great deal of cash or resources to protect, that may be a smart option. If, however, you do not have your car outright, you'll be asked to acquire collision and comprehensive coverage. Furthermore, in case you've got a house and savings to safeguard, it is prudent to get more protection.

Instrument to receive a recommendation.


The more cash and resources that you have, the more probable it is that you might be prosecuted after an auto crash. Unless you're determined to cover the cheapest auto insurance rate potential, we advise that you purchase greater than minimum liability policy.

If you are financing or leasing your auto, you automatically require coverage of 100/300/100 or even higher.

Detailed insurance is worth it to replace stolen automobiles and for compensation from vandalism, flood, hail, fire and creature strikes. If Your Vehicle is:

Less than a decade old, you must strongly consider purchasing collision and comprehensive.
Over ten years old, simply purchase collision and comprehensive when your vehicle is worth $3,000 or more, in case you couldn't manage to replace your car if it is busted, or in the event that you simply want to have more protection on your own policy.
Should you purchase comp and collision, then check our guide to selecting a deductible amount.

Uninsured/underinsured driver

Uninsured motorist coverage and underinsured motorist coverage pays for compensation in case you are struck by a driver with no insurance or a driver with policy that is inadequate to cover your repairs and health care costs. These should fit the liability limitations you pick. In the majority of states, such as California, these policies are optional.

Medical policy (MedPay)

Medical payments policy can help cover the funeral or medical expenses of insured passengers and drivers following an crash, irrespective of fault, up to $25,000. In the majority of states, such as California, it is an optional addition to your auto insurance plan.

Spares you and your passengers' medical expenses
Pays for costs following health insurance limitations are surpassed
Provides added security to insured drivers That Are struck by a car when biking or walking
Do not have medical insurance, either or have a policy that does not cover automobile accidents or has reduced limitations, we advise that you add medical care of at least $5,000 for your auto insurance plan.
Don't have medical insurance, it is nonetheless a fantastic idea to have medical care if you'd like to have the very best coverage on your coverage, as it may cover following your health advantages have been maxed out.

Gap Insurance Policy

If you have a loan to cover your vehicle and have an crash, gap insurance pays the difference between the cash value of your vehicle and the current outstanding balance on your loan or rent.

In case you are funding your auto, your automobile is less than 1 year-old and you have put less than 20 percent down onto it, you ought to buy gap insurance. Otherwise, you do not need gap insurance.
In case you are leasing your vehicle, it is a great idea to get gap insurance if you don't already have the policy on your rental agreement.
Should you have your car outright, you do not require gap insurance.
California Auto Insurance rates by business
Below you will see average Yearly prices for California, rated cheapest to most expensive, for three policy levels:

Below you will see average yearly prices for the 10 cities in the country with the biggest population.

Scores are based on's "Finest Insurance Firms" customer inspection survey of 3,700 clients.

Best customer support:

Best claims support:

Best value for your price:

Client review positions according to's 2016 "Finest Insurance Firms" survey of 3,700 clients. Scores are from 100.

Automobile insurance for towns in California
Learn what the very expensive and the least expensive auto insurance prices are by ZIP code, in addition to how they compare prices.

Los Angeles automobile insurance

San Francisco automobile insurance

San Diego auto insurance

California Auto Insurance legislation
Good Driver Discount
Under Prop 103, motorists that meet these requirements needs to receive rates at least 20 percent lower compared to a motorist who does not fulfill these standards in Precisely the Same auto insurer:

Was licensed for at least three successive years
Has no longer than 1 point on their driving record
CAARP: California Automobile Assigned Risk Plan for insecure drivers
Back in California, if you can't locate a automobile insurance carrier that will guarantee you, you can obtain liability coverage through the California Automobile Assigned Risk Plan (CAARP). This strategy is created for high-risk drivers that are unsuccessful in getting insurance from companies which sell non-standard policies.

The program operates by taking your program and assigning it to an insurance provider. All insurance companies licensed in the country should accept CAARP applicants. The amount of CAARP missions relies on insurer market share. The further policies an insurer problems, the bigger the part of CAARP missions it must take.

The prices employed by the policy will be the exact same regardless of what insurer issues the policy. The program also provides installation choices. Following three years with a clean driving record, you can escape this CAARP program and purchase a typical coverage.

To purchase a CAARP coverage, you've got to work with a broker who's certified by the state to aid in getting drivers those distinctive policies. Begin by calling the number below to be paired up with a "certified manufacturer" locally who will help locate an insurance company for you. Later, you and your delegated certified manufacturer will work together with the insurer's representative to secure you an proper policy.

To Locate a CAARP Accredited Producer, telephone 1-800-622--0954

Insurance for non profit motorists
If You're non refundable, You Might Be eligible for the California Low Cost Automobile Insurance plan, which enables lower liability limits of:

The cheap program (rates vary from approximately $241 to $556 annually; reductions are available for People Who have had a clean driving record for 3 years) is offered to motorists that fulfill the following criteria:

Income eligibility conditions per family successful February 2016 are:

1 individual -- $29,700.00
2 individuals -- $40,050.00
3 individuals -- $50,400.00
4 individuals -- $60,750.00
5 individuals -- $71,100.00
Real comparative neglect

California is one of the 13 countries which have a pure comparative fault principle. States with pure comparative negligence legislation allow all drivers regain some payment for their compensation, even if they're mainly to blame. As an instance, a motorist 70 percent responsible for an accident could submit a claim for damages against the other driver's liability policy but hope to get just 30 percent of their claim amount.

You need to file a claim immediately after an crash. Your policy should state what's demanded of you, which might state a fair period of time or provide a particular time-frame in which to produce the claim. As an example, you typically need to file a stolen automobile claim within 30 days of this theft.

California needs an endorsement of all claims within 15 days.

You have around 3 years to submit a property damage litigation.

Medical asserts
California law requires you to record medical claims within two decades of this episode.

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How Much Does Long-Term Care Insurance Cost and When to Buy It

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, today's average 65-year-old includes a 70 percent likelihood of having some sort of long-term maintenance as they age. They also report that although one-third of today's 65-year-olds might never need long-term maintenance or support living, that one out of five will probably need it for more than five years, that is 20 percent.

If we utilize this information, paying for five decades of assisted living or long-term maintenance services or home can be extremely expensive.

8 percent of individuals between 40 and 50 years old, have a disability that may require long-term maintenance solutions
In a time when many hardly have their retirement fully financed, it is worth it to look into the options for long-term maintenance and what kind of costs are involved with a Long-Term Care Insurance Plan, regardless of your age. Having the facts can save you money long-term, and help you think of a financial plan to weather hard times.

Why Get Long-Term Care Insurance?

No one knows if they'll need long-term maintenance insurance, in precisely the same style, you do not know if you are going to require home insurance for a fire or theft. On the other hand, the statistics indicate that using our aging population one out of every handful of people may need some sort of long-term maintenance, so the question is more about can you afford your very own long-term maintenance if the situation arises, and how willing are you to run the risk?

Will the Government Pay for Long-Term Care?

Some people today believe that they do not have to worry about long-term care since the authorities may pay for these services.

The authorities will only cover long term maintenance under specific conditions and the coverage is restricted based on particular criteria and scenarios.

By way of instance, Medicare may cover long-term care up to a maximum of 100 times for skilled services or rehabilitative care in a nursing home. It is extremely limited, and mathematically, the average covered remain by Medicare is 22 days. Medicaid does provide coverage, but so as to be eligible for Medicaid, you have to fall into a specific low carb degree. Besides programs such as these, which are restricted programs that just cater to specific populations, we often have to switch to private health insurance policy to get help with long term maintenance costs.

What Is Long-Term Care Insurance?

Long-term care insurance (LTC Insurance) gives you income if you become dependent on someone else's maintenance or require assistance for basic living activities and demands because of an illness.

The reason for needing long-term care might be a chronic illness, a prolonged physical illness, a degenerative disease, or other medical condition which requires one to get home care or get care in an assisted living or long-term care centre.

The income benefit you get can then be utilized to cover your long-term maintenance and assures that you personally or your family get the assistance necessary for your personal care when you can't provide it on your own.

How Much Does Long-Term Care Cost?

Although the cost of long-term care varies based on the kind of care you need, there are a few online tools that could help you work out how far Long-Term Care costs per month, such as this tool by Genworth which gives an average price tag of long-term care in addition to state specific info. A tool like this may help you figure out if you could cover it yourself, or if you should consider Long-Term Care Insurance.

How Much Can Long-Term Care Insurance (LTC) Price?

The expense of long-term care insurance varies greatly. In spite of the exact same exact situation, the cost you might get quoted with a single insurance carrier can be considerably higher than the next.

With long-term maintenance insurance, it truly pays to shop.

When trying to save money on health insurance, the best approach is to do your research, you could save hundreds of dollars each year which works out to tens of thousands of dollars over time. Getting a health insurance agent that can help you is an option you may choose to appear at. The agent may not only check many insurance firms for you but will also be able to examine your supplemental health insurance policy options and possibly compile a package which will address many of your requirements in medical insurance. They will also have the ability to explain in detail what the various coverage options and conditions are on the coverage.

How Does Pricing Work in Long-Term Care Insurance?

Just like with other private insurance, each LTC insurer will set their own premiums according to their loss experience and underwriting. LTC bundles will have different stipulations or requirements.

Cases of Long-Term Care Insurance Costs

This advice is based on data in the American Organization for Long-Term Care Insurance (AALTCI), all these are just examples to show the variation in price in various circumstances and the way the option of LTC Insurance carrier may make a considerable difference.

In every case, there's a price difference of about $1,000 or even more centered on the insurance company. It can be used as a fantastic illustration of how important it may be to shop for good Long-Term Care Insurance Rates. These are based on a maximum daily gain of $150 for three years advantage period, they're only examples, bear in mind you would need to acquire your own quotes based on your personal situation, these are only to demonstrate the potential range in price and to help you see why buying a coverage is a critical aspect to this policy.

Long-term care insurance provides coverage for limited times. It is unlikely the benefit will cover prices "forever". Therefore, you can deal with the costs of your long-term care insurance by choosing plans with shorter or longer lengths of coverage, in addition to by deciding on the period of time you will be determined for before the benefits kick in. We discuss this more in the 10 hints and questions to inquire about long-term maintenance below.

10 Tips for Purchasing Good Long-Term Care Insurance: Your LTC Buyers Checklist
Since each insurer works using their own underwriting criteria, it's helpful to have a listing of items to ask about so you understand what you're shopping for and buying in the coverage.

Here are some factors that are important to consider when you are looking for the best company to cover you for LTC:

Ask them about the Tasks of Daily Living requirements in order for you to receive a payout of benefits, you would like to understand what qualifies for coverage under the LTC plan you are considering.
Does it cover cognitive impairment, a few folks may have cognitive impairment, yet still be able to perform ADL. Will the plan you're taking a look at payout in these scenarios?
Find out what's on the record of Activities of Daily Living that qualify for each plan you are comparing. As an instance, perhaps there is a function of daily living which you can't perform, but by the terms of the coverage you chose, it is not considered among those qualifying ADL. A business will usually require more than one activity of daily living to be an issue before you can qualify for your own benefits. You want to know what qualifies in advance before you buy your policy. There is not any standard definition throughout the industry for just how ADL are appraised, so it is important to ask questions and get examples o situations for the policy you're buying. A few examples of ADL are: dressing, bathing, moving around (transferring), eating. How each is defined can really make a difference.
Ask them whether there is a money value or alternative to cash out if you not utilize the policy and if the policy pays dividends. What happens if you die and haven't used the coverage?
Compare cost of single coverage vs. shared coverage with a partner. This is an excellent way to save money. In these circumstances request a full explanation of what occurs and how this shared benefit works if you both are needing care, vs. only one of you.
Do premiums increase over time or remain constant? Can there be inflation protection? Inflation will impact rates of long-term care you might have options from the plan you buy that addresses this.
How will payment work at a claim? What is the claims process? Are there any daily or monthly amounts? What are the limitations?
What's the maximum benefit pool? Typically, an LTC policy may provide between one to five decades of policy. Policies don't typically have an infinite amount of time. This is an important factor to consider when comparing policies. Then, you will wish to know whether there are riders available to extend that time. These details can make a big difference on your decisions and when comparing cost.

Can there be a waiting period? How long can it be?

If you take a policy with a longer duration waiting period, do you have additional benefits that you qualify for this will cover you during the waiting period, such as Medicare or other private health plans?
We often wait until they think they want something before they begin planning for this, and sadly, in the instance of Long-Term Care Insurance, this will not work in your favor.

So you might even wish to check into choices sooner. The increasing rate of rejection because you age produces a whole lot of sense given that insurance is based on an anticipated risk, and as you become older more medical restrictions and scenarios may come up that would point to an increased risk leading to a larger need for long-term maintenance.

Who Should Buy Long-Term Care Insurance to Cover Costs?

Obviously, if you're concerned about your future you should think about buying long-term care insurance either on your own, or even a parent. But you should also consider:

Making sure you have good medical insurance in the first place. Preventative medicine and taking steps to care for your health might help identify problems before they become severe in many cases.
Checking in case you have other potential sources of income that you could turn to in a long-term maintenance situation. As an instance, do you already have a life insurance coverage which you may be eager to borrow cash from or when the situation came up?
Are you in a position to self-insure long-term maintenance costs? Do you have family members that will help? Are those family members really in a position to assist?
The decision to purchase long-term care ought to be evaluated as part of your long-term budget. Whether you need it or not is very specific to your own situation. You might decide after reviewing with your financial planner or broker that there are complimentary choices to research, or perhaps you make modifications to your other insurance policies as a result that will help save you money.

When you have a parent who doesn't have long-term care and you are worried that if anything ever happened they could not manage care, you should consider investing in purchasing long-term maintenance to your parents, or speaking to them about it. Families are often the ones who get hit the hardest when an elderly family member becomes sick. According to Genworth's Beyond Dollars study, 46 percent of caregivers said that supplying the care impacted their health and well-being.

Needing to take leave of absence from the job, or not having the ability to work because a parent needs care can snowball into a fiscal issue for you. Either because you end up paying for the care yourself, or because you're unable to work as a outcome. Have a discussion with your parents about what happens when they need long-term care. Insurance can help everyone in the family in a situation such as this and it could be in your very best interest to look out for yourself by going ahead with them.

Should You Choose Critical Illness or Long-Term Care?

Younger individuals can consider buying Critical Illness insurance as an alternative to Long-Term Care when they're younger, and sometimes, the critical illness insurance supplier could supply the option to convert the critical illness insurance into long-term care when you are older in your 50s or even 60s without requiring a medical exam. Not many critical illness insurers do this, but you can be interested in locating one who does if you're planning to your long-term health care.

Never seem at long-term maintenance policy alone, look at your big image to make the best decision.
Statistics on Long-Term Care: Could Your Application for Coverage Be Denied?
Here are some basic stats Depending on the AALTCI site: Applicants for long-term maintenance below the age of 50 were diminished at a speed of 11 percent, as we look at the prices of declined coverage for long-term care by age category, we see the amounts where coverage is denied growth:

To get 50-to-59 the rate was 17 percentage
60-to-69 rate climbed to 24 percent
by era 70-to-79 the figure goes to a speed of rejection of 45 percent

How to Choose a Good Long-Term Care Insurance Company

Aside from coverage provisions, coverage premium and how adaptable the policy is going to be for your requirements, you also will need to take into account the financial standing and reputation of the insurance provider. It's very tricky to know how insurance companies will perform over time, but there are rating systems that show the financial stability of an insurance carrier which may be used as indicators. This type of advice is key when you are looking at buying a policy which might just pay off years down the line like with life insurance or Long-Term Care.

Which Long-Term Care Insurance Company Is Best?

Since underwriting for every long-term care strategy differs from company to company, the best longterm care insurance benefits plan will be different depending on:

Your age
Your medical history
The quantity of long-term care coverage you buy
along with a number of different elements, a number of which we covered in our record of questions to ask over.
The Best Way to Save Money on Long-Term Care
The very best way to save cash on longterm care insurance is to plan ahead. When people don't have long-term care options and a situation it up throws your entire life into chaos, from lost income, to needing aid. Give some thought to what your risks are today, and what the risks are for your family. Look at the collective of all the difference insurance coverages you have, such as your life insurance choices. Shop around for competitive prices and an insurance company that delivers flexibility and favorable benefit options. Even if you decide you don't want to purchase the coverage now, at least you will know what to expect from price and may benefit from the discussions you will have with brokers or other professionals that can direct you for this section of your financial planning.